Animologico 2022

Animologico 2022


It’s an organic Verdicchio di Matelica doc in which sulphites have NEVER been added (sulfur dioxide, metabisulphite, …) but which has been produced with highly innovative viticultural and oenological techniques:

The school of Precision Viticulture was carried out in the vineyard, already organically run; in part the copper (heavy metal that can be accumulated in the soil) has been replaced in the antifungal function with Chitosan (natural product extracted from mushrooms and crabs);

The grapes were washed with Ozone: this resulted in a perfect microbiological cleaning of the marc and therefore of the must; below the selected yeasts that have fermented, have found an absolutely hospitable environment and have produced in the fermentation biochemism a very low quantity of sulfur of natural origin (less than 6 mg / l against an average natural production of 20 – 25 mg / l).

As a result, it was possible to remove the wording “contains sulphites” from the label, which is a must when the total sulfur dioxide is higher than 10 mg / l (in almost all circulating labels).
The bottle of Animologico was processed (empty) to obtain the “molecular change” in the oven following which the glass became absolutely black, impermeable to light: this is to avoid even the slightest interference from the environment on the maintainability of the wine. The label is silk-screened and parts of the writings are done in pure gold.
The cork used is smooth and made of sugar cane, absolutely natural, recyclable and almost impermeable to oxygen, again to avoid any interference on storage.
You can try it with stuffed pasta with bacon, zucchini and saffron.

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