Wine Shop

Three wine shops from A to Z
In 1990 we created our model of the wine shop: the Belisario Enoteca. It is a chain of wine bars where, in addition to our wines, over 500 labels from Italy and the world are offered according to a logic of total quality and terroir. An all-round winery where those who love and drink wine can find the right value for money both in bulk wines from the tradition of family consumption and in large, rare and difficult to find brands.

From the passion for wine of all the men of Belisario Company arose 3 large wine shops that are among the well-stocked ones in the Marche region.
We also worked hard in the wine shop culture, offering the opportunity to find, in addition to our wines, the best Italian and international wine production.
The gift packs made by Enoteca Belisario are inimitable artistic compositions in terms of image and product quality.


Via Merloni 12
tel. +39 0737 782850


Via Fiorini 40/A
tel. +39 071 206235


Via Martiri di Marzabotto 5
tel. +39 0732 5587